Church Bells

The bell rang, and the kids hurried to catch their school bus home.  The hallway carried a hint of excitement as some kids were happy to get two weeks off from school; it was as if Christmas had come early.   Yet there were some students that sensed something was off.  Even the staff was trying to digest what was happening, and yet no one was prepared for what came next.

If your kids are old enough, the shutdown of 2020 due to Covid19 will be forever lodged into their memories as the Challenger exploding after takeoff was seared into mine as a child.  Perhaps the memory that stands out for you was the attack on our country on September 11th.  The bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.  Sandy Hook Elementary. You get my point.  There are just moments and events that stay with us. 

So how do we as parents ensure that the narrative of our kid’s memories is defined rightly?  Sure, we can allow social media or the news to shape their thoughts or allow our teachers to drive the conversation but is that beneficial? 

Parents this is our moment.

As I look back on moments and events that shaped my mind as a child there was one constant that I vividly remember. Church, fellowship, and growing in the knowledge of who Christ was in our home was matter of fact and non-negotiable.  When we heard the church bells from the local parish ring, we got ready for church. 

The same is true today. 

Church may be in our living rooms in this current season, but it is still time set apart for Him and that time is holy.  Worship and lift your holy hands in praise.  Your home is now mirroring the early church when Christians typically met in homes.   Praise Him in your sanctuary and boldly say, “the Lord is my Shepherd I will not be afraid”. 

You see God is still the same yesterday, and today and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8) No matter how uncertain life may seem He is never changing.  We can still trust Him.

I pray that as children and young adults from all around the world grow and mature, that they will remember that church was always essential.  Church was home.  You see church is you, me and believers across the world. It never has been nor will be a building. It is not too late.  Whether it be in your living room, a watch party or with family make that time holy.

- Haydee Traver

Haydee Traver is wife to Ray Traver and mom to two children, Joey Fontanez and Sarah Traver. As a recent survivor of breast cancer she is grateful for all the simple things that bring her joy, like family, friends, a good pair of running shoes and coffee.  Her favorite bible verse is Proverbs 3:5-6, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.  A verse that has ministered to her throughout many valleys and mountaintops.

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