Talking With Your Kid About Salvation

One of the many things I love about God is knowing how differently He’s created everyone’s salvation stories. From someone like me, who didn’t grow up in a home of believers but found Jesus at the age of 14, to someone who has heard of and known Jesus from a very young age. Each story, of someone who was lost but is now found, speaks powerfully to who Jesus is. No matter the age, the timing, or the circumstances, each of those stories are a beautiful representation of our Savior. 

Talking with your kid about Salvation can feel intimidating like the pressure is on. What kind of story will they have? Will they make the decision to give their life to Jesus and proclaim Him as their Savior? When will that be?? Although talking to your kids about salvation in Jesus is SO important, we must realize that we aren’t in control of their story. We are merely tools in the hands of a heart changer: Jesus. We can faithfully steward the authority he has given us as parents and trust in His transforming grace. Outside of that, we fervently pray for our kids and do our best to be ready and open to having conversation after conversation with them. Because chances are, this won’t be a ‘one and done’ conversation. Chances are we will have to walk our kids through questions, doubts, more questions, and then watch what God does with that seed that’s been planted. Check out the link below for the salvation conversation guide, brought to you by Parent Cue. 

Liz Seidel, LH Kid’s Director

Click Here to View The Parent Cue Salvation Guide

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