The Strongest Influence

Since the age of 2 we’ve talked about creation with my daughter. We’ve talked about God making her; God making all things; and why He made all things: for His glory. I’ve noticed over the years (she is 5 now) how she lives that out – she doesn’t see color. She doesn’t notice or say anything about how her best friend at school has brown skin. Or how her other friend who was adopted from another country looks very different from her. She loves God, and she loves people.

So why bring up diversity? Why point out the fact that God made everyone look different? That He made some people’s faces look different…that He made some people with different abilities…or even disabilities…or that He made some people have really dark skin? Why bring up race? 

Because I don’t want someone else to influence her about race before I do.

Here is what I mean…parents have the most influence of any person in a child’s life. As a parent you spend the most time with them (an average of 3,000 hrs/year if you do the math), and no one knows them like you do. At the young age of 5 I know my daughter is still forming her opinions about so many things; she is still absorbing so much information and knowledge. So I take advantage of that. Proverb 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.” I want to be the first one that helps shape what she knows about race; about creation; about anything! 

I want her to have that foundation so that when a situation regarding race or social injustice arises, she has the knowledge to make a choice that glorifies God. And if for some reason she is swayed by some other influence, that’s ok. I can extend the same grace Jesus offers me, and have yet another opportunity to influence.    

Check out the links below for theological and historical resources that you can read at home with your children related to diversity. We hope these help you start the conversation in your own home.

– Liz, LH Kids Director

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